Cement Tips: Ball Mill Check

Taken from the site: cement equipment.org


Basic Checklist,….

-Shell Liner Thickness Ball Charge Remarks – sizes, shape, contamination, breakages

-Shell Liner Lifter Thickness Ball Coating Remarks

-Shell Liner Remarks – crack, gaps…. Ball Classification Remarks

-Inlet Head Liner Thickness Discharge Grate Slot Size-Average

-Inlet Head Liner Remarks Discharge Grate Slot Size-Maximum

-Inlet Opening Remarks Discharge Grate Metal Thickness – gaps etc.

-Height Liner, to Balls – Average

-Discharge Grate Percent Blinded

-Width Across Balls – Average

-Discharge/Centre Screen Percent Blinded

-Calculated Percent Fill – mill ran out Height of Material relative to media

-Build up on water injection lance Calculated Percent Fill

– mill crash stopped

-Presence of material nibs


Hope these tips are helpful,…