ecological cardboard chair and graceful for the home and office

Award-winning Industrial and Graphic Designer Paul Borrero designed UNA, an innovative new chair made from recycled cardboard. Borrero has been creating, testing, and refining the chair for three years and is currently seeking funding to increase local production. Made of recycled materials that are in turn recyclable, the UNA is a comfortable, practical, and ecological chair that is ideal for both the home or office. “Cardboard is an underutilized material in furniture,” says Borrero. Over 81 percent of all of it made is recovered for reuse, and the average corrugated product already contains 46 percent recycled content; a good use-case. UMA parts will be made locally in Pittsburgh.

Read more: Paul Borrero’s Stylish New UNA Chair is Made From 100% Recycled Cardboard | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building 

ecological cardboard chair and graceful for the home and office.

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