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We build solid work surfaces – the foundation to your cooking and making of all things tasty and good. It’s much stronger and durable, easier to recycle, feels solid, full 2” thickness, not hollow, can span distances unsupported and is applicable to more categories of LEEDS points. It’s the best solid surface we can offer you.  We design counters and furnishings to be used not just looked at.  Faux concretes don’t feel like real stone, they don’t wear the same, and they are not produced to the same engineering standards.  Real concrete can span large distances unsupported, and is built to stand the test of time. Our concrete is an extremely high strength proprietary mix that has taken 4 years of extensive research development and testing to achieve.  5 times stronger than your average concrete, we can cast details that other manufacturers only dream of.  The Concrete Cat concrete mix is a highly guarded trade secret, it allows us to create magic.  Want to try to create concrete magic?  We can help just drop us a line.

Why Concrete? | Concrete Cat

Why Concrete? | Concrete Cat.

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