CEMBUREAU – Low carbon economy

European cement industry presents five routes to a low carbon future!

On 25 September 2013, CEMBUREAU unveiled its vision of what the cement industry could potentially achieve on the road to a low carbon economy of the future.  This project has focused on what the sector sees as potentially contributing towards achieving a low carbon economy and the input and opinion of key external stakeholders has been of invaluable use during the project.

The project itself, as presented by Simon Leysen, from Morris & Chapman, lays out five parallel routes which can each contribute to lowering emissions related to cement production, as well as concrete production. These have been divided into two groups. The first 3 routes, which cover resource efficiency, energy efficiency and carbon sequestration and reuse, have been quantified for the purpose of this roadmap as they fall under the sector’s control. The final two routes (product efficiency and downstream) look at how cement and concrete can contribute to a low carbon society.  Nevertheless, potential savings from the two routes outlined do not relate directly to cement manufacturing, so were not included. 



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