Researchers develop innovative building panels using local sourced waste paper

An EU-funded project has developed low-cost pre-insulated building panels using waste paper as insulating material that could be a more environmental friendly alternative to traditional insulation materials, say researchers.

The potential benefits of using waste paper, the main ingredient of which is cellulose – a highly efficient insulator, in green building products are massive and development of an easy and effective way of using cellulose could have a huge impact on the industry.

The InsulaTFH (‘Enhanced insulation in timber-frame housing using recycled materials’) project set out to develop a low-cost process for the mass production of standard-sized, pre-insulated panels, using cellulose fibres from waste paper.


www.ectp.org/documentation/Conference2011/4 Processes/2 DESMOND_Insula-TFH.pdf


www.ectp.org/documentation/Conference2011/4 Processes/2 DESMOND_Insula-TFH.pdf.

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