Hydraulic Cement Patents published in August 2013

08/29/2013 WO2013124372A1 Integrated apparatus for the production of clinker from raw meal
08/29/2013 CA2806844A1 Mold and facecoat compositions and methods for casting titanium and titanium aluminide alloys
08/28/2013 EP2631222A1 Waste-processing apparatus
08/28/2013 EP2630099A1 Clay-bearing manufactured sands for hydratable cementitious compositions
08/28/2013 EP1923367B1 Process for the production of cement
08/22/2013 US20130213276 Internally curing cement based materials
08/22/2013 US20130213274 Cement composition, method for producing mixed material, and method for producing cement composition
08/22/2013 US20130213271 Cement hydrate compositions and methods of synthesis
08/15/2013 WO2013119826A1 Cement hydrate compositions and methods of synthesis
08/15/2013 US20130206041 Method for recycling waste water from a stainless steel slag treatment process
08/14/2013 DE102012002527A1 Herstellung von Zementklinker unter Verwendung eines Sekundärbrennstoffstroms Production of cement clinker using a secondary fuel stream
08/13/2013 US8506701 Method for producing hydraulic powder
08/13/2013 CA2750068C Heavy metal removing apparatus and cement production system
08/08/2013 US20130203899 Pulverulent mortar composition having improved adhesion
08/08/2013 DE102012009722B3 Bindemittelmischung und Trockenmörtelzusammensetzung Binder mixture and dry mortar composition
08/07/2013 EP2624257A2 Processing method and processing apparatus for radioactive waste
08/06/2013 US8500902 Methods of making cementitious compositions and products made thereby
08/01/2013 WO2013111198A1 Chlorine bypass device
08/01/2013 WO2013110810A1 Use of organic fibre cement as a raw material in the production of cement clinker
08/01/2013 US20130192497 Treatment device and treatment method for chlorine bypass dust
08/01/2013 US20130192495 Sulfur steel-slag aggregate concrete
08/01/2013 US20130192493 Narrow psd hydraulic cement, cement-scm blends, and methods for making same

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